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The history of Sri Lankan statues is often mingled with Buddhism and Buddhist Philosophy. Some of the masterpieces of statues in Sri Lanka are Samadhi Statue, Avukana Buddha Statue etc. which could be considered the identity of the nation.

Traditional Masks

The art of Traditional wooden masks have been derived with the ancient Sri Lankan dancing styles evolved in the main three parts of the country being Kandyan, Low Country and Sabaragamu. These masks are ornamental and decorative face wear which also convey different facial expressions to evoke different emotions.


oakray furniture has been developed to bring out an ancient royal look and they are also rich with traditional wood carvings with elegant designs. The furniture is made up of woods purchased from the State Timber Corporation being a Government body and all the woods are solid and thus meet the international standards for making good.


Sri Lanka has a large variety of traditional sculpture which gives life back to unique figure in the history such as the great kings and queens of Sri Lanka. These sculptures restore the precious history while incorporating graceful art that has been passed from generation to generation.

Various Products

Apart from specific types of art and craft, we also offers you different types of products that fall in to the category of unique Sri Lankan art and craft beyond the limited number of products that have been showcased in the various products gallery.